Venue Hire Terms & Conditions

Thanks for booking with us, we’re excited to have you here. Please see all of the details below and ensure you review our venue instructions.
*** NEW COVID-19 Venue Information below ***
– Step 1 – Please sanitizer your hands
Step 2 – Please complete visitor register
Step 3 – Please complete Covid-19 Questionnaire
Step 4 – Please hand your questionnaire to your teacher, trainer or management
Please take a few minutes to review the below points before you arrive at RAW.
You will be able to locate the venue swipe card to open the venue yourself (if required). Follow these simple steps when you arrive:
– Step 1 – The swipe card to enter the venue is located to your right when facing the front door, over on the left-hand side of the bar wall in the bottom safe key box.
– Step 2 – Open up the black cover to reveal the 4 numbers, turn the numbers to show [the number sent to your mobile device upon booking] on the keypad, and press in and pull down the Black bar above the numbers.
– Step 3 – Pull out the swipe card and walk over the front door to swipe the sensor on the left-hand side. Sometimes you might have to swipe the card 2-3 times for the door to open.
– Step 4 – Put the swipe card back into the safe key box and jumble the numbers.
Locking up the venue is super easy. Just follow these simple steps when you’re ready to leave:
– Step 1 – Ensure the following items are turned OFF, even if you weren’t using the air conditioning, lights in the studio, lights in foyer & roller doors are down
– Step 2 – Go over to the security panel on the black wall in the foyer next to the Black TV, pull down the front panel and enter 4646 slowly onto the keypad. on the keypad
– Step 3 – Look to see if the red “ARMED” button is on in the top right-hand side of the security panel. If it’s not on, enter 4646 slowly into the keypad again until the red light turns on.
– Step 4 – Once the red light goes on, you will have 60-seconds before the front door locks itself automatically. Please ensure you have all of your bags before locking up the venue.
Other important points include:
– Emergency Management Policy & Procedures
– Our Hire Terms and Conditions
– Using our Roller Doors
– Using our Audio System
– Your Carbon FootPrint
Building Evacuation Plan