CUA40120 Certificate IV in Dance

The Certificate IV in Dance includes major dance choreographic pieces both solo and ensemble, industry business skills, including contracts, invoices and freelancing, fitness and nutrition, audition protocols, and make-up skills. Dance units include partnering, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, fosse, cabaret, heels, musical, technical jazz development and more.

Course Delivery

Our Certificate IV in Dance is a two-year course, delivered on WEDNESDAYS from 9am - 6pm. New courses commence each year. The course is run using alternate A and B years. Technique, Industry and Performance units are studied over both years. Year A places a focus on Body Awareness while Year B is all about Composition.

Course Information

RAW’s courses are very fairly priced. We offer payment plans to assist you and your parents, making this an easy and very affordable option for you to study. Our Certificate IV in Dance on campus course is $99 per week.
There are some additional costs including:
– $70 RAW Jacket
– $200 Costume fees per year for the End of Year Showcase (payable over 4 x $50 weekly payments)
– $50+ per ticket for the End of Year Showcases
– $199 Make up kit (payable over 5 x $39.80 weekly payments)
– You will also require a laptop or iPad, makeup equipment, the right dance shoes and access to Internet data as a back up.
Course payments are preferably made via Direct Debit – providing an affordable option to assist with all types of budgets. RAW does not require a student to ever pay more than $1,000 in advance for services not yet provided, either prior to course commencement or at any stage during their course. Fees will be paid off during the course via installments according to a set payment plan.
Our Certificate IV in Dance runs on WEDNESDAYS from 9am – 6pm. We accept students from years 11 and 12 and school leavers for this course. The course is offered one day a week, which provides ample time outside of study for other school work and/or a part-time job.
We encourage you to keep taking independent dance classes, teaching at your studio, auditioning for roles as your outside commitments all contribute to making you the artist you want to become.
To audition for our Certificate IV in Dance you can attend either one of our classes during the regular term, or one of our Student Experience Days throughout the year. Along with showcasing your technical skill you will need to:
– describe basic features of technique and repertoire
– be well prepared and well presented
– be able to effectively communicate, listen and interpret directions
– have a positive persona
We have students attending Raw from all over Southeast Queensland, from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast, and from the bay west to Toowoomba.
Over 50% of our students catch public transport. 
– short walk to train (800m)
– short walk to bus (400m)
– 25 car parks at the rear of RAW premises
ample street parking also available
Where possible, we align our on campus course dates with the Education Queensland terms, giving you the freedom to plan holidays as you wish, without any interruptions. You can see all of our term dates here –
Students may be required to work on assessments outside of RAW, this can range from 2-4 hours per week depending on the unit of study and time of year.
Quite a large number of our students have gone on to work across the globe graduates of our courses have performed in 15 countries across the globe, with companies like Disney, universal, Ringling Circus, Carnival Cruise Lines, Princess Cruise Lines, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean cruise lines, burn the floor, Raw, Kayne West, Moulin Rouge, So you think you can dance and countless more.

Course Outline

The students will work on developing their jazz, street, tap and contemporary dance technique every term over the length of the course.
Performance skills are paramount for any dancer.  Throughout the course, students will develop and refine their performance skills. This includes solo, with a partner and in an ensemble.  The students will work with a range of choreographers to learn, rehearse, refine and perform different works in preparation for the end of year showcase.
Students will learn about movement and behavioural principles and how they apply to physical conditioning. Professional performance requires a high level of fitness and students will develop a performance and fitness plan they will implement during their studies.  By studying both mind and body they will develop a deeper understanding of the requirements placed on professional dancers. 
Composition development is an important process that all dancers should understand and experience. The students will explore the application of elements of shape, space, time and dynamics to their choreographic works. Developing their work through technical and expressive dance movements to enhance the mood and style of their compositions.  The student will explore the application of improvisational movement techniques to enhance the depth of work through technical and expressive dance movements.  They will explore the composition development process for both solo and partnering work.
Our course will ensure students develop the technical and conceptual skills required to work in the arts. Students commit to improving their professional practice in both an artistic and business context.
The units included in our CUA40120 Certificate IV in Dance are:
CUACHR413 Develop choreography skills
CUADAN313 Develop and apply dance partnering techniques
CUADAN417 Develop expertise in dance performance techniques
CUAPRF414 Develop movement skills for performance
CUAPRF415 Rehearse for performances
CUAWHS411 Apply movement and behavioural principles to conditioning
CUACHR411 Create and perform dance pieces
CUADAN413 Develop expertise in jazz dance techniques
CUADAN415 Develop expertise in street dance techniques
CUADAN419 Develop expertise in contemporary dance techniques
CUADAN420 Develop expertise in tap dance techniques
CUADAN423 Develop expertise in lyrical dance techniques
CUAMUP511 Apply theatrical make-up and hairstyles

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