Venue Terms

Terms & Conditions

  1. Parking of Vehicles and location of ancillary facilities CANNOT be in any of the allocated STAFF AREAS
  2. Naked flame is not permitted on the premises
  3. There is a “No Smoking Policy” across the premises, including outside across the entire site plan
  4. The premises must be left suitable and clean at all times, a cleaning fee will be payable at $33/hr for all required cleaning.
  5. When staging an Event & Production equipment is required – the Venue must have a VENUE TECHNICIAN at all times during your hire, this is charged at $38.50/hr inc GST.
  6. The Venue Management are on-site from 10am – 4pm Monday to Friday
  7. All electrical equipment must be currently tested & tagged
  8. Access to the Balcony, Offices and Storage Shed is not permitted to any hirer
  9. GST applies with all charges. Payment is to be made within 7 days of date of invoice
  10. The Hirer must take out a public liability insurance policy in the sum of at least $10,000,000
  11. The Hirer must provide a copy of this insurance policy before the hirers commencement date
  12. The Hirer must not assign its interest in this Agreement or sub-let any part of the Premises without having sought and obtained the written consent from Raw Dance Company
  13. The Landlord may grant or refuse its consent at its sole discretion and on any terms and conditions it deems desirable
  14. Any termination by the Hirer of this Agreement will result in the full payment of agreed fees by the hirer.
  15. The Hirer must repair to the satisfaction of the Landlords Representative any damage to the Premises caused during the Hirers use of the Premises.
  16. In the event the Premises are damaged or destroyed to such an extent that they are rendered unfit for the Permitted Use or inaccessible, the terms of this Agreement will be suspended until the Premises or the means of access to them have been restored.
  17. To secure a date, a deposit is required.  A charge of $50.00 will be charged to your credit card upon the securement of this contract for an event deposit.

Guidelines for Building Use

  1. Care must be taken at all times not to damage anything – including the doors, windows, mirrors and floors
  2. Do not store equipment in the building unless otherwise organised with the Venue Management in writing
  3. In the event of a fire alarm, please follow the fire evacuation plan & leave the building in an orderly manner
  4. Cleaning is the responsibility of the Hirer.  Please place all rubbish in bins when you have finished
  5. Raw Dance Company takes no responsibility for any lost property, any items left in the building will be thrown out.


  1. Raw Dance Company reserves the right to approve, suggest and coordinate additional security services.  Raw Dance Company is not responsible for damage or loss of any merchandise, equipment, clothing or other valuables left in any event spaces or studios prior to, during or after the functions or events
  2. If you are the last group on the premises you should inspect all doors & windows
  3. Ensure that all lights are turned off in all areas
  4. If you find other users not locking their spaces, please report this to the Venue Manager
  5. You will be provided with a security card to scan in and out of the building and studios.  If you loose or damage this card you will be charged a $50 fee
  6. If, for any reason you cannot arm the site securely, call Andrew Fee on 0414 418 239 or Lucy Chambers 0422 771 127
  7. If you are ever seriously concerned about your own safety or the safety of the building, please call either Andrew Fee 0414 418 239
  8. From time to time members of the public wander into the premises. If you feel confident, and preferably if you are accompanied by another person you may wish to advise them courteously that unless they are authorised to be here they should leave.


  1. We don’t have a kitchen or sell food. Food is at the discretion of the hirer.  RAW can provide up to 10 fold out tables covered with white tablecloths. Client is responsible for napkins, plates and utensils.


  1. We do not allow outside beverages, alcoholic or otherwise, with the exception of bottles of water.
  2. The State Liquor Board regulates the sale and service of alcoholic beverages.  Raw Dance Company is responsible for the administration of these regulations. Therefore, it is our policy that liquor cannot be from outside sources.


  1. Events cancelled less than 14 days prior to the day of the function will be charged the full price of the deposit.


  1. Any decorations you place in a room must be taken down immediately after the event. Any decorations left in the room will be disposed of.  Confetti-type decorations, pushpins, wax candles or votives and tape are not allowed.