Raw Metal

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The four male dancers of Australia’s Raw Metal push dance to the outer limits, combining traditional tap dance with innovative street rhythms and astonishing feats of athleticism. Like Fred Astaire in Zero G, they move with fearless grace.

Audiences will love grooving along with the medley of classic funk and soul numbers that feeds the innovative choreography.

A percussive a-capella number using phone greetings will delight in its simplicity yet cleverness.  The four young energetic guys in Raw Metal deliver a heart stopping performance every time.

Raw Metal have performed through Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, USA (including on Broadway – New York City), Canada, Brazil, Columbia, Peru, Chile, UAE & Mexico.

To book Raw Metal, Call us today on 1300 729 326 or email shows@rawcompany.net.