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Welcome to our Frequently Asking Questions Page for OUR VENUE.  We hope that you’re able to find an answer for your question her, however if you cannot seem to find the right answer please don’t hesitate to contact RAW 1300 729 326 or hire@rawcompany.net and we will get back to you asap.


Do you have photos of your studios?

Yes, we do, please refer to the video clip on each of the Venue’s pages or click here to watch the clip.  You can also refer to the selection of photos below.

What are the room specifications for each studio?

Studio 1 is XXm Wide x XXm Deep x XXm High,  making it a total of ____m2

Studio 2 is XXm Wide x XXm Deep x XXm High, making it a total of ____m2

Studio 3 is XXm Wide x XXm Deep x XXm High, making it a total of ____m2

Click here to see the Site Plan of RAW’s Venue.

Do the studios have sprung floors?

Yes, all of RAW floors are fully spring professional floors.

Do the studios have professional PA?

All of RAW’s studios offer professional PAs that are super easy to use.

Click here to learn more about RAW’s Audio System, including directions on how to use it.

How do I enter and exit the Venue when I'm hiring?

Do the studios have mirrors?

All of RAW’s studios have full height surround mirrors to assist with your choreography and connecting with your students.

What are the hire rates for your studios?

Studio is $44/hr inc GST

Studio 2 is $33/hr inc GST

Studio 3 is $27.50/hr inc GST

RAW also has EVENT RATES, Please Click Here to send a Studio Inquiry

What type of events have you used the space for?

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What companies hire the space?

We have quite a diverse mix of groups currently using our studio facilities including Contemporary Groups, Irish Dancers, Ballet Teachers, Acting Coaches, Hip Hop Crews, Cruise Liners for Auditions, Salsa & Latin Instructors and Tap Teachers.

How do you make a booking for studio space?

Simply visit http://rawcompany.net/hire/ or click here to fill out your inquiry form.  Once of the RAW team will be in touch shortly regarding fees and availability.

Can I catch public transport to RAW? If so, which type?

RAW Dance is 400m from the Moorooka Train Station and 200m from the nearest Bus Stop.

RAW Dance also has 21 car parks on site.

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Do you have parking on-site?

Yes, RAW Dance has 21 car parks on site, several out the front and 20 out the back, as well as ample street parking.

VENUE - Site Plan