FAQ Courses

Welcome to our Frequently Asking Questions Page for OUR COURSES.  We hope that you’re able to find an answer for your question her, however if you cannot seem to find the right answer please don’t hesitate to contact RAW 1300 729 326 or courses@rawcompany.net and we will get back to you asap.

What qualifications are on offer by RAW?

RAW Dance offers a few different programs for students from Year 10 to school leavers, including Cert III in Dance & Diploma in Musical Theatre as outlined below.  Also keep an eye out for new qualifications being added to our scope over the next few years.

Year 10: Cert III in Dance  Year 11-12 & After School: Diploma in Musical Theatre

How many students do you take each year?

RAW Dance doesn’t have a certain number of students we take each year.  We’re looking for the most promising students that are ready to take the challenge of completing our qualifications.

Can you audition online via youtube or emailing your footage?

You can send an online clip for your audition.  Please include the following information and send the youtube or vimeo url link via email to courses@rawcompany.net.

Video Audition Requirements

Please include a 1-minute (min) DANCE performance in your chosen style.

Please include a video showing your technical ability (turns, leaps, flexibility & fluidity)

Please speak directly to the camera and answer the following questions:

  1. Tell us your name & date of birth?
  2. How long have you been dancing? And Where?
  3. Why do you want to train with RAW
  4. Are you and your parents aware of the costs of the program and can you confirm it is financially achievable?
  5. Can you count and explain 1 lot of 8 counts from your performance routine, focusing on any key syncopation’s and rhythms?
  6. Why do you dance?
  7. Explain in a few sentences how you feel when you’re on stage?
  8. List three of your dance strengths?
  9. List three of your dance weaknesses?
  10.  List one goal you would like to achieve by the completion of your Cert III in Dance training with RAW?

Selection Process

Applications are accepted on a first come, first serve basis, so if a course is fully booked, you will audition for a place for the following year. To apply, please complete the online registration by clicking here.

What skills would a successful RAW student possess to be accepted?

A successful student will usually display the following:

  • Great general movement across a number of styles
  • A pleasant attitude
  • A Mature approach to training and development of their skills
  • An understanding of the industry and how hard they need to work to be apart of it
  • Ready to work hard for the year!

What type of careers are there in the industry upon completing your study at RAW?

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What successful contracts have previous students signed?

Previous Students have had contracts with:

Several students have gone onto work across the globe with companies like Disney, Norwegian cruise lines, Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean Cruise lines, Moulin Rouge, Cirque Du Soleil, Ringling Brothers Circus, Burn The Floor, Perform on Broadway with RAW, dance at Festivals like Splendour with Kayne West and on So You Think You Can Dance.


Can I apply for Centrelink?

No, from the 10 January 2018, Centrelink have only made funds available for students studying at an approved provider with VET-Fee Student Loans. No performing arts courses in Australia are covered under the VET-Fee Student Loans, which is not only a shame but appalling.  Yet again, the arts have been left out in the rain as a “lifestyle” choice.

If you have a questions please don’t hesitate to contact us directly on courses@rawcompany.net or phone 1300 729 326.

Does RAW offer VET Fee Help?

At this point, RAW does not offer VET Fee Help, however this is something that we hope to deliver in future years to come.

What are all of the fees and costs for your courses?

Does RAW offer payment plans for students?

Yes, RAW offers payment plans for all of our Qualification Courses (i.e. Certificates and Diplomas). Click here to view our Tuition & Fees page with further information.

What are the hours for each course?