FAQ Accounts

Welcome to our Frequently Asking Questions Page for ACCOUNTS.  We hope that you’re able to find an answer for your question her, however if you cannot seem to find the right answer please don’t hesitate to contact RAW 1300 729 326 or accounts@rawcompany.net and we will get back to you asap.


How do I submit an invoice?

Submitting an invoice is simple with RAW.  Just visit rawcompany.net/bills and complete the form and your invoice will be sent directly to our accounts team for processing.  You will also receive an email directly after submitting the form with all of your invoice details as a backup.

How & When are invoices paid?

Invoices are paid on Tuesdays each week.  All training and classes invoices will be paid the Tuesday after the classes; where as all events and entertainment invoices will be paid within 30 days of the event or performance date.

What to include in the payment description?

When paying your invoice we simply ask that you include your invoice number and company, group or last name.  This will help us greatly when we reconcile our accounts.

How can I pay an invoice?

RAW accepts many different types of payments, including the following:

Option # 1 – EFT / Direct Deposit

Account Name: Raw Dance Company
BSB Number: 114-879
Account Number:
Please email receipt of payment to accounts@rawcompany.net.

Option # 2 – Direct Debit

All of our qualifications require payments to be made via Direct Debit.  You will fill out all paperwork with the Course Agreement so these payments can be processed.

Option # 3 – Cash

You can pay cash when you come into RAW for a class or for dance products.

Option # 4 – Credit Card

You can pay using either MasterCard or Visa over the phone by calling 1300 729 326 or by clicking on the “Pay Now” button on your emailed invoice.

Does RAW offer payment plans for students?

Yes, RAW offers payment plans for all of our Qualification Courses (i.e. Certificates and Diplomas).  You will fill out all of the required paperwork when you complete the Course Agreement.  If you wish to discuss a different payment plan, please email accounts@rawcompany.net and we will be in touch to discuss how we can accommodate your requirements.

How are the payments broken up for each of the courses?

All payments across all qualifications are paid WEEKLY via Direct Debit from your nominated Bank Account.  Payments will often straight before the course commencement date and finish after the completion of the course.  For full details please refer to the dates listed in your Course Agreement and Outline.  If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at accounts@rawcompany.net or 1300 729 326.