Diploma of Musical Theatre (Full Time)

CUA50213 Diploma of Musical Theatre (Full Time)

RAW is a fully accredited, nationally registered training organisation (RTO No.41385) committed to providing a supportive and caring learning environment where students are able to define their own artistic voice and realise their potential.

The CUA50213 Diploma in Musical Theatre (Full time) is a 1 year course and runs from 10am – 6pm on Monday, 9am – 6pm on Tuesday and 10am – 6pm on Thursday at RAW’s Warehouse Facility in Moorooka. The classes will run over 40 weeks each year – broken up into 4 terms.

Programmed in consultation with renowned performing artists including Jack Chambers and Andrew Fee, RAW’s Diploma of Musical Theatre gives aspiring musical theatre professionals the best possible preparation for a career in this demanding industry.

The Diploma focuses on musical theatre technique and performance at an elite level. The course is designed for students either with a background in singing, dancing and acting or who excel in one or two performance areas and wish to refine their skill sets in the others and extend their musical theatre performance skills to a professional level.

Students will participate in a range of classes including acting, Singing, Commercial Jazz, Fosse, Cabaret, Hip Hop, Technical Jazz, Tap, Flamenco, House, Contemporary, Aerial, Fitness and Stretch.

Core & Elective Units

  • CUAPRF501 Refine performance techniques (95 hours)
  • CUAPRF503 Prepare for performances in a competitive environment (35 hours)
  • CUAPRF504 Refine musical theatre techniques (85 hours)
  • CUAWHS501 Maintain a high level of fitness for performance (80 hours)
  • CUAIND402 Provide freelance services (30 hours)
  • CUAMPF407 Develop vocal techniques (40 hours)
  • CUAPPM501 Manage small-scale live productions (30 hours)
  • CUAWHS403 Incorporate anatomy and nutrition principles into skill development (60 hours)
  • CUACHR501 Create and perform complex dance pieces (60 hours)
  • BSBCRT501 Originate and develop concepts (30 hours)
  • BSBPMG522 Undertake project work (60 hours)
  • CUAMUP501 – Apply theatrical make-up and hairstyles (30 hours)
  • CUAMPF402 – Develop and maintain stagecraft skills (70 hours)
  • CUAACT401 Use a range of acting techniques in performance (45 hours)
  • CUAPRF408 Perform solo in a musical theatre context (50 hours)
  • CUAPRF409 Perform in a musical theatre ensemble (50 hours)
303/06/17 RAW Theatre premises at Evesham St, Moorooka, Brisbane.